ff·Works license : 22€

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Upgrading from iFFmpeg version 4, 5, 6 or ffWorks 1 : 12€

If you wish to upgrade, you need to download ffWorks 2. Install, launch ffWorks 2 and follow the instructions in the welcome screen.


Purchasing our product is simple: Using Paddle you can pay with Creditcards or PayPal - quick, easy and secure on-line payment. After the payment we will email you your personal license key.
This way the shareware copy you have downloaded from our web site will turn into a full working copy.If you buy version 2, you will be allowed to freely upgrade to all next versions 2.x.x.
Please note, our product is available for download only. We do not ship our product.

Purchase a license

1 - Click on the Purchase Now button. 
2 - A Checkout Popup will appear.
3 - Fill the field regarding email, click on Continue and choose Pay By Card or PayPal.
4 - Seconds after successful payment you will receive a mail with invoice and your personal license number.

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Priced at just 22€, ff·Works is as affordable as it is powerful.

Prices excl. VAT for European customers.

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End User License Agreement (EULA)