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New in version 3.4.2

- GOP size can now be set to extreme values (up to 1000x FPS).
- Improved adding FFmpeg files.
- Improved handling sequancial numbered images for converting images to movie.
- Improved reading colorspace and color primaries from source file.
- Rewrote code to create DASH files.
- Fixed issue setting the segment duration in seconds.
- Removed obsolete code for using Apple DVA hardware accelerated encoding.

Important! ffWorks does not include a compiled FFmpeg file. You have to compile or download this yourself.

For macOS 64bit 10.11 and higher (native Apple Silicon and Intel)

FFmpeg files for macOS

Download FFmpeg (osxexperts version - both Intel and Apple Silicon).

Download FFmpeg (Martin Riedl’s version - both Intel and Apple Silicon).

Download FFmpeg (Tessus version - Intel only)

FFmpeg Source

Download FFmpeg Source

FFmpeg build Scripts

Click here, here , here or here

FFmpeg Compile Tutorial

Click here

Older versions

ffWorks 2.6.7 for macOS 64bit 10.10 up to macOS 10.15 (Intel) - Does not work correct with macOS13 or higher

ff·Works uses Mediainfo by Jerome Martinez