New in version 2.5

- Total rewritten FFmpeg manager code.
- Faster creating movies from images.
- Improved initialising FFmpeg.
- Improved Passthru wizard.
- Improved FFmpeg diagnostic feature.
- Improved PCM audio support for MPEG and MPEGPS containers.
- Improved iPhone and iPad presets that use HEVC.
- Upgraded to the latest MediaInfo.
- Fixed issue using Draw Text video filter.
- Fixed issue showing toolbar icons when canceling images-to-movies.
- Fixed issue when running macOS 12 (beta).
- Fixed issue when enabling ‘Unpack DivX style packed B-frames.
- Fixed issue with Render Timecode video filter (Render Frame type).

Important!  ffWorks does not include a compiled FFmpeg file. You have to compile or download this yourself.

For macOS 64bit 10.10 and higher (Intel and Apple Silicon)

FFmpeg files for macOS
Download FFmpeg (osxexperts version - both Intel and Apple Silicon).
Download FFmpeg (Tessus version).

FFmpeg source
Download source

Fmpeg Compile Scripts
Click Here or Here or Here

FFmpeg Compile Tutorial
Click Here

Older versions

ffWorks 1.7.1 for macOS 64bit 10.10 up to macOS 10.15 ( (there are issues when running macOS 11.00 - we recommend using ffWorks 2)
Download ffWorks

iFFmpeg 6.7.0 for Mac OS X Intel 32bit 10.8.x, 10.9.x, 10.10.x, 10.11.x, 10.12.x and 10.13.x
Download iFFmpeg 

ff·Works uses Mediainfo by Jerome Martinez